7 Tamil Movies in 2022 Where Actresses were given Meaningless Roles!

An age-old story of heroines existing only for the love track!

  • The Legend:

Although the movie itself was an expensive joke, it is important to mention that Legend Saravana’s wife in the film, played by Geethika Tiwary, had no role whatsoever. The story frames her first as a damsel who Saravana falls in love with and marries. Then, this damsel gets into distress, and Saravana needs to save the day. She literally only exists in the film to die so that Saravana can become the hero. It’s high time we start using actresses for better purposes than just to ‘Heroify’ the lead actor. Urvashi Rautela definitely had a better role as the villain of the story. Geethika Tiwary could be taken away from the film, and the film would still remain as miserable and humourous as it is now.

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