7 Tamil Movies in 2022 Where Actresses were given Meaningless Roles!

An age-old story of heroines existing only for the love track!

  • Sardar:

Directed by PS Mithran, Sardar had not one, but three actresses in prominent roles. Of the three though, Raashi Khanna was credited as the lead of the film alongside Karthi. While Raashi Khanna was forcefully made to fit into the role of a lawyer, her character was not given enough importance. She conveniently fit into the role of a lawyer when the story demanded it, while at other times, she was just a pair for Karthi. Rajisha Vijayan, who played the wife of the older Karthi, also did not have much of a role, but she wasn’t at least considered as the lead. While the film dealt with a different concept, it could have had a better-written female lead character.

Sardar Movie HD Images | Karthi | Raashi Khanna

Some of these movies were hits, while some were misses. But, all these movies failed to recognize their female leads. Kollywood has normalized actresses making an appearance only for the actor and to show that he has a love interest. Just like the outside world, the movie world also shows that the heroine’s life is surrounded by the hero’s life and every action she takes corresponds to his decisions. Directors should first stop adding female leads with meaningless roles in stories and actually write them in only if they have a role to play in the movie.

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