7 Best Womencentric Films of 2018!

We need more such films!!

Kaatrin Mozhi

Jyothika has come a long way, one would think. Right from her days since ‘Doli Saja Ke Rakhna’ to ‘Kaatrin Mozhi’, a massive change is evident in the way she chooses her films and the roles she emulates. If she embraced subtlety in ’36 Vayathinile’, she went rogue with ‘Naachiyaar’. ‘Kaatrin Mozhi’, however, is a role that isn’t the role of a lifetime for Jyothika. But it isn’t a role we would forget too soon.

The film is a sign that actresses are being taken seriously enough to star in a film entirely on their shoulders. It proves that we need more female leads who are comfortable doing it all by themselves, who are appreciated by the audience, and encouraged by filmmakers to make more films from the perspective of a woman – an everyday, ordinary woman, who, much like Viji, tries to cover her double-chin, quarrels with her siblings and yet, embraces her imperfections and loves herself for it.

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