7 Best Womencentric Films of 2018!

We need more such films!!


Samantha in a still from U-Turn

Samantha, headlining a film all on her own for the first time, has opted for a rather safe choice here by playing Rachna in a film that was already lauded when it released two years back. This choice briefly digresses the fact that her “actual” comeback after her wedding with Chaitanya last year was Rangasthalam, a role that hardly left room for her to emote her way to a stellar performance. In U-Turn, she makes up for it and that has a lot to do with Samantha wanting to prove her critics wrong from all these years that she’s more than a pretty face and that she can be more than a prop to the male actors. That truly is something to write home about if not the relatively better performance.

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Imaikka Nodigal

In Imaikka Nodigal, Nayanthara plays a CBI officer trying to track down a psychopath. The film showcased that her character is not someone to be bogged down by lewd comments or sexist notions, she is someone who has a mind of her own and will do whatever it takes to catch a criminal. Ambitious and with her own team, it’s no surprise that the role was originally written for a man! The film did considerably well at the box-office too!

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