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6 reasons to wake up before 6 AM!

Early to bed, early to rise!

As most successful people would agree, waking up early really does change one’s life. The peace and tranquillity that comes with the time, the pleasant weather and the early start are just some of the many perks to getting up early. Don’t forget that after all, the early bird gets the worm.

– Meditate

There is not a better time to meditate than this. With the sounds of morning ringing around through bird calls, and leaves rustling gently, the horizon is filled with soft hues making it the perfect setting to sit down and meditate.

– Yoga

Exercise before breakfast can do wonders for the body and so will yoga. Cleanse and detox your body before all meals right after a long and satisfactory sleep. Try the Suriya Namaskara or simply do the basic breathing asanas to energize your body.

– Keep a Journal

Whether you want to keep a dream journal to describe your thoughts from last night’s slumber or positive affirmations for the day, keeping a journal is quite useful. Note down just about anything or simply repeat phrases over and over, it helps prepare for the day.

– Plan the day

Choose what to wear and lay it out instead of the usual last-minute scourging for clothes after waking up late. Also, getting a head start on what you are going to wear will also help you decide your makeup and donning all that you need for the day making sure you look your best!

– Hydrate

Rejuvenate your body with all the hydration it needs by having a big bottle of water, usually recommended amount of 1 litre. You can also have some hot water with honey or fruit infused water as a healthier choice.

– Get some cleaning done

Well if you get a very early head start on cleaning, you don’t have to do it later. You can also listen to music or leave your TV on as you clean so it would seem like any other time of the day!

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