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6 Easy Yoga Techniques To Increase Your Lung Capacity!

Breathe Right!

By Humsika J


Breathing, a process that we often take for granted, has become so important today because of the ongoing pandemic. The constant need for cylinders and beds has shown us how integral our respiratory system is and thus it is our responsibility to take good care of it. All the news around us might make us feel anxious and stressed. But all we have to do now is breathe…not just breathe but breathe right.


Here are a few simple meditation practices which you can follow to relax yourself and listen to your breath. You can sit in a cross-legged position, padmasana(lotus pose) or even on your chair or sofa:


  1. Guided meditation

We are surrounded by technology and various resources today. We can access meditation techniques and follow experts at the comfort of our homes. Listen to every word. You might get zoned out at times and that is completely okay. Try bringing back your focus on your breath and become aware of your body and breathing. Choose a timing that works for you and slowly increase it, start off with 5 minutes and slowly increase it. This will relax you, bring in positive energy and make you feel more focused.



Yoga is timeless. Certain practices help us make most use of the organs in our body. ‘Kapalbhati’ helps with abdominal breathing. Sit straight with your spine erect. Push out air while exhaling and try pushing your abdomen to your spine. The inhaling happens automatically. Practice this 10 times in one round. Perform 3 such rounds to feel your ‘kapala’ (skull) ‘bathi’(brighten up/shine).

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