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5 Ways to say Goodbye to your Hang Over

Happy drinking!

This is the festive season and everyone would be throwing parties. Well, you definitely can’t say no to your friends or family when they decide to have a get-together. So how would you still party all night and beat that hangover without having to resort to aspirin or tablets?

You definitely need to think twice before popping up a pill or two because it is going to give you some size effects. However, there is a range of surprisingly simple alternatives that can kick out a headache. Here are five surprising ways to do that:

Fructose: Or fruit sugar can be of big help. This will help speed up alcohol metabolism. It will help you get back to normal sooner. A fruity snack will be of big help as it contains natural fructose and potassium which can help rehydrate.

Greasy food: How said greasy food can harm your body. This is one of the easiest ways to beat a hangover. Eating greasy pizza and fries before you start drinking can help slow the alcohol absorption. It is good to eat well and not drink on empty stomach.

Ginger: This common cooking ingredient can help with an upset stomach, such as vomiting and nausea. The best way is to simply eat it. You can also alternatively boil a slice of fresh ginger in water and drink it or just chew on some ginger sweets.

Sweat: One of the natural ways to get rid of toxins from your body is through sweat. A hot shower or a workout can help. The idea is to sweat it all out. However, do remember to keep a check on how much you sweat. Over sweating can lead to dehydration and low blood sugar.

Sleep: Getting a good nap is the novel way of getting rid of a hangover. This is actually the best way to recover your body. When you drink, your liver works hard to break down the alcohol, sleeping allows it to naturally do it. A good sleep will give organs a chance to rest and restore their work.

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