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5 Ways To Feel Better About Going Back To Work

The holidays are over and we all want to cry!

By Ancy Donal

Hitting January 2 is like making a 360-degree turn. After weeks of decorating, shopping, baking, visiting and being visited, the whole thing is over in a day or two. Once everything is over, we tend to be sad but don’t despair, the post-holiday blues won’t last until your next vacation. They are mostly just a period of adjustment while you re-acquaint yourself with your day-to-day existence. Here are some cool ways to kick the post-holiday blues.

  1. Eat Healthy to Decrease Depression

Avoiding junks and sticking to complex carbohydrates like whole grain foods gives better fuel to the brain making it active and fresh. In fact, a healthy diet has been linked to stronger feelings of optimism. Fresh foods will be better for the body and attitude.


  1. Keep Hydrated with Water

Dehydration can mimic symptoms of depression, so make sure the body is hydrated enough. Avoid or limit the intake of caffeine, alcohol, and other high-sugar or artificially sweetened beverages. These beverages affect sleep, which eventually affects the mood.


  1. Time for Physical Activity

Exercise, rather than couch-potato sitting, will help get through the darkest day with as bright a mood possible. Aerobic exercise is especially helpful in getting your brain on track, meditation and yoga balance moods. Walk the dog, run an errand by walk, or get on the treadmill. All of these can help stimulate the body’s natural mood-balancing techniques.


  1. Plan for the next vacation

Having another vacation on the horizon, even if it won’t be for quite a long time, can help in adjusting the current situation. It can be upsetting to be back in your old routine but knowing that something just as fun is in the future will brighten up the day and give something to look forward to.


  1. Write a journal

Don’t you just love that new life you’ve created for yourself during the trip? Making it happen back in the real world is something else entirely. However, the key to it is the journal. And reading them after a while is pure bliss. After all, reminiscing the fun stuff you did on our previous trip will make you happy and cherish those memories more.

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