5 Times Movies Stereotyped Tomboys With Short Hair!

Not sanskari much?

There’s no doubt about the fact that movies influence the way people dress and the kind of style they choose. When Madhuri Dixit popularized her wavy, bouncy hair, many followed suit. Straight hair was not in trend in the 90s as it’s today.

When the younger actresses sported half-buns, their fans went all out to experiment the look. It’s actually quite amazing how movies influence these trends.

However, when filmmakers show a naive, innocent girl turn rebellious, the first thing they do is chop off the hair. Can’t a woman be as ‘sanskari’ and feminine if she has a bob cut or shorter hair? Recently, Dhansikaa was seen sporting a bob to play the revengeful, tomboyish daughter of Rajinikanth in Kabali. In the flashback sequence, when she was caring for her foster father, she was seen sporting longer hair and of course, her role was of a calm and innocent girl.

Just when she decided to avenge her parents’ enemies, she chopped her hair off and picked up the guns. Why do we need to stereotype haircuts with a woman’s femininity? It’s not the first time, there have been some actresses whose looks were stereotyped to suit their character.

Take a look!

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