5 Times Haniska Motwani Gave A Befitting Reply To The Rumours About Herself!

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Hansika Motwani has bravely tackled many controversies and let nothing affect her career. Having starred in several big-ticket films, the gorgeous actor has earned a huge fan following. In recent episode of Love Shaadi Drama, Hansika addressed old rumors about her mother giving hormonal injections to maker her grow faster. Hansika‘s show Love Shaadi Drama, which is a docu-series about her wedding with her husband Sohael Khaturiya is grabbing headlines.

Growth hormone injections

In the recent episode, the actor addressed old rumours about her getting hormonal injections. Her mother also reacted to the rumours as she was accused of giving her injections to grow older and act in films. Hansika addressed the same on her show and said, “This is the expense of being a celebrity. They wrote such crap when I was 21, you know what I am talking about!. If I could have taken it that time, I can take it this time. This time is nothing Everyone wrote I have taken injections to grow up.” She added, “When I was eight, then I became an actress, people said that my mum has given me injections, hormonal injections to grow up as a woman. However, many were surprised by how quickly she had grown over just a couple of years and rumours began of her taking hormonal injections to make her grow faster. Her mother added, “If that is true, then I must be richer than Tata, Birla. If that is true, then I would have said, ‘Tum bhi aao, aa kar apni haddi baddi karvao (You also come to me and help yourself grow taller). What I am surprised about is that people who write this, Unke pass dimaag naam ki cheez nahi hoti hai kya (Don’t they have common sense)? We are Punjabi people, our daughters shoot up between the age of 12 and 16.”

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