5 Star Kids Who Decided To Live With Their Dads Post Parents’ Divorce!

Daddy love.

Celebrities getting divorced and remarrying has now become a very common thing. While some choose to remarry and start a new family, some just date and some, stay single. But no matter what they do, celebrity couples with children fight for their kids. They tend to stay connected and devote time to their children. Indian Laws favour children below 14 years to stay with their mothers, and in most cases, the children go with their mothers post-divorce. However, few celebrity children have made an exception and chose to stay with their fathers.


Meghana and Pooja (Daughters of Prakash Raj)

Prakash Rai married actress Lalitha Kumari in 1994. They have two daughters, Meghana and Pooja, and a son Sidhu who passed away in 2009 following which the couple divorced.The actor later married choreographer Pony Verma in 2010 and they have a son, Vedhanth. Though he has his new family, Prakash Raj did not give up his girls. His daughters stay with him, their stepmother and paternal grandmother. He also shares that his daughters have an amazing bond with Pony in an interview with Times of India.

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