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5 Reasons Women Must Stop Smoking Now!

Quit and stay clean!

We all know smoking cigarettes is very harmful, but we are still lighting up! For all you know it’s just a terrible habit and a habit that causes serious ailments like lung cancer, emphysema and heart diseases.

You may be wondering why this article suggests only women must stop smoking, it is as injurious to men! But according to a recent study, women find it harder to quit smoking than men. Reportedly, women’s brains respond differently to nicotine!

The study found in men suggests, male smokers have a greater number of nicotine receptors than non-smokers, unfortunately women have the same number of receptors as the men non-smokers! Now, this explains  why women find it harder to quit smoking!

To help you kick the habit, we have some important facts that will motivate you to quit;

  • First and foremost reason, you will have more energy and focus throughout the day.
  • Your teeth will be whiter and cleaner than when you smoked!
  • The most common and important fact would be lowers the risk of cancer, heart attacks, early death and wrinkles.
  • You will automatically be healthier and will be able to exercise more, which means you can travel more often. End goal, travelling equals happiness!
  • Your clothes and hair won’t smell of smoke!

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