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9 Bollywood Celebrities Who Quit Smoking!

Take inspiration and say NO to smoking!

Smoking is a tough habit to kill. The smoking trend has been fantasized in our movies and fans tend to follow what the stars do. Many stars have quit smoking and urged their fans to do the same. Let’s take inspiration from these Bollywood stars and say ‘NO’ to smoking. 




After undergoing a nerve treatment in 2013, the Khan of Bollywood heard the alarm bells and called it quits and turned health conscious.



Hrithik JFW magazine


With many failed attempts, Hrithik tried his best to quit smoking in every possible way. He then came across the book, ‘Easy Way To Stop Smoking’ by Alan Carr. Since then there has been no turning back. The day he finished the book was the day he smoked his last cigarette.



saif_ali_khan JFW magazine


After suffering a heart attack in 2009 due to his smoking habit, the actor not only quit smoking but turned a anti-smoking crusader. He says he quit smoking and drinking to stay young and healthy.



Aamir-Khan JFW magazine


Aamir was an occasional smoker and his kids, Junaid and Ira constantly asked him to quit smoking, but it was difficult for the star. He finally decided to call it quits after his youngest son Azad arrived in 2011.



vivek-oberoi JFW magazine


Now the ambassador of the World Health Organisation’s anti-smoking movement, Vivek Oberoi kicked the butt after visiting cancer patients in Mumbai. It is said he does not even let people smoke on his film sets.



konkona-sen-JFW magazine


A heavy smoker, actor Konkona Sen Sharma quit smoking when she became a mother. She once said, ‘Pregnancy meant a complete change in lifestyle. I used to be a smoker, overnight I couldn’t smoke or drink at all.’



arjun-rampal JFW magazine


Arjun Rampal quit smoking for his kids. He developed the habit in college, but for the sake of his kids, the actor announced on Twitter that he will stop smoking. His wife Mehr too quit smoking and this helped him get rid of the habit.



ajay JFW magazine


A self confessed chain smoker, Ajay Devgan quit smoking after his body sent alarm bells and he fell ill. His wife and actor, Kajol has always been against smoking as her dad suffered a heart attack. Ajay finally let the bad habit go, for the sake of his family.



Ranbir Kapoor JFW magazine


What started out as a friendly bet with director Anurag Basu during the shoot of Barfi turned into a life-changing moment for Ranbir. Basu had asked him to resist smoking and this finally helped Ranbir call it quits. He says, if anyone catches him smoking, they can kill him, burn him and call him fake.

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