5 Reasons Why Sandy Could Be The Winner Of Bigg Boss Season 3!

Sandy is clearly people’s favourite!

The finale of Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 is around the corner and there are four finalists – Mugen, Sandy, Losliya, and Sherin. This last week has been thoroughly entertaining for the finalists although the viewers are still not happy with Tharshan’s eviction. However, contestants like Mugen and Sandy are having almost an equal fanbase. So, who will win season three’s title?

Here’s why we think Sandy might just win this year’s Bigg Boss title:

1. A common man 



Sandy is very relatable to the audience and the viewers. Be it his connectivity with his folks, his wife or be it the way reacts when he sees his daughter, the viewers tend emotionally connect with him.

2. Living life to the fullest



During last week’s press meet, Sandy said, “I don’t care what you take me to be. You could think of this to be a strategy or just me playing my game. But, my mantra is simple – I will have fun, I will joke around and I will be as happy as I can. You can portray me however you want but I will not change a thing about myself.” He sticks true to that word. He is easily one of the most entertaining contestants in the House.

3. A strong competition



Mugen and Tharshan might have a larger fanbase for sure for their competitiveness and the way they are passionate about this game and life in general. But, the fact that Sandy simply goes with the flow is one of the many reasons why he is a finalist today. In fact, he had been nominated only once and was one of the first ones to be saved too. There is something about him. That is the reason why even fans of Mugen and Tharshan might choose to vote for Sandy.

4. Neutral



Sandy knows to say the right things at the right time. Be it his advice to Kavin about Sakshi and Losliya, be it his advice to Mugen about Abhirami or be it his reaction to Madhumitha when she was furious about his jokes on her. He has learned the art of reacting to the moment and just staying calm when the situation’s not right.

5. Mindful playing



Sandy is the right combination of body and mind. He is enthusiastic about everything that comes his way. He knows well to neutralise his emotions. If it’s a task, he is up for it and gives it his best (our most favourite being the school children task and the all-day cycling task). If it’s about a situation of emotions, he is there for his friends. He asks them to concentrate on their game and work out a strategy to go ahead. Sandy is also a good listener and listens to everybody’s problems. His patience has brought him a long way.

Tell us your version of who could be the winner and why?

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