5 Most Impressive Performances of Jyothika!

Can you guess them all?

She is gorgeous, she is talented and she is full of class! Ever since her debut in Vaali, Jyothika has carved a niche for herself in Tamil Cinema, a spot nobody else has been able to capture. Jyo has been experimental about her looks and has proven her mettle more than just once. With the new movie Naachiyaar getting critical acclaim for her amazing performance, we at JFW want to take time to look at 5 times Jyo proved she is the queen!


  1. Mozhi

Who else but Jyo can pull out a deaf and mute girl with so much panache?! Mozhi was the first time we saw an avatar of Jyo wherein she proved she didn’t need dialogues to make it big, just her facial expressions. Touted as the Shivaji Ganeshan’s incarnate, jyo’s acting relies heavily on her eyes and her hand gestures. This movie gets a two-handed applause.

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