5 Most Disappointing Evictions Of Bigg Boss Tamil This Season!

Which one disappointed you the most!

The fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil has come to an end with Aari emerging as the winner. However, there were a few contestants were people’s favourite who were hoped to have atleast reach several more days than their day of eviction. On social media, the audience even trended the hashtag of one of them when they were unexpectedly evicted from the game. Here are five disappointing evictions of Bigg Boss Tamil:

1. Sanam Shetty


Sanam was the most loved contestant after Aari. In fact, she had a huge fanclub and fans who loved her honesty throughout the show. Sanam was very straightforward and open about her gameplay. She didn’t join any groups in the BB house and voiced her opinions when needed. Sanam was unarguably affected by groupism and her eviction on the 63rd day didn’t go well with the fans who also trended #NoSanamNoBiggBoss on social media.

2. Suresh Chakravarthy


Initially Suresh’s approach to the game was appreciated by the audience. He was straightforward, controversial and funny. But, after fights with Anitha and Sanam Shetty, the audience lost faith in his gameplay and eventually voted him out. Suresh would have definitely been a great player had he chosen a different approach.

3. Shivani Narayanan


Shivani had a huge fan following even before she joined the reality show. There were high expectations on the social media influencer and the audience simply voted for her for her fandom. Besides that, Shivani never voiced her opinion much, her equation with Balaji Murugadoss was also much talked-about topics of the season. After the visit of her mother Akila Narayanan, Shivani tried to change her gameplay. But, that did not work for her in the end.

4. Aranthangi Nisha


Aranthangi Nisha may have been a part of a group but that did not stop her from playing her game. However, her emotions unfortunately took over. She had a lot of talent to showcase but unfortunately becoming too emotional stopped her from playing well any further. She was finally evicted.


5. Suchitra Ramadurai


Suchitra was probably the most anticipated contestant of the season. Most of the audience believed that the season would spice up once she enters the House. However, Suchitra was largely a calm contestant who hardly made any conversation with other contestants and only spoke to few including Balaji. Had she been into the game, she could have done wonders. Suchitra made her entry on the 28th day and got evicted on the 49th day.

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