7 Lovely Moments from Sridevi’s Life!

This is how we will remember her!

3. When she appeared on Satyamave Jayate!

In 2012 LGBTQ activist Harish Iyer appeared on TV show Satyamev Jayate recounting his harrowing experience of sexual abuse as a child. Harish has even mentioned that Sridevi was the icon he would turn to those terrible times of his life and her movies are what helped him move forward. To Harish’s surprise, Aamir Khan invited Sridevi on stage as an excited and tearful Hairsh became speechless.

On the show, Sridevi said, “Harish, the mental trauma you have suffered until the age of 18 – I can’t even imagine that someone would do something like this to a child. You have shown the courage of sharing your past with us all. It will give courage to so many children who are going through this hell right now. That makes you a real hero.”

Harish went on to say, “I just have to tell you that since childhood, away from the abuse I was facing, I had built this fantasy world and it was always Sridevi, always Main Teri Dushman [song from her movie Nagina]. Maybe that’s why we call it cinema… ‘see new maa’, it’s a different kind of mother.”

After the show, Sridevi also went on to sign a letter addressed to Parliament calling for stronger laws against child sexual abuse. The actress not only gave stellar performances but touched hearts outside screens too. See the full episode here:


2. When she could easily gender blend at age 4!



It is normal for kids at age 4 or lesser to double up cutely as a boy or a girl, heck we have all had a ponytail as a baby boy or cut hair short to wear a suit as a baby girl but Sridevi had to act as the same in movies! Whether she played Murugan or the baby brother of MGR this legendary actress essayed the role so well she even won awards for it! She won the Kerala State Film Award for best child artist for her role as Sarada in the 1971 Malayalam movie Poombatta.


1. She was a spectacular mom!

Yes, she took a 15-year hiatus after getting married, do you know why? Because she was a completely devoted mom! Sridevi loved her kids Jhanvi and Khushi so much that she could not bear to be without them and wanted to give them her full attention. It is no secret that she loved being a mom so much that anyone in her friend’s circle would confirm the same. Her Instagram was full of pictures of her kids and in fact, it is known that she wanted her elder daughter to walk in her footsteps and become a big star in her own right! Check out her journey as a mom below:



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 This is the last picture posted by Sridevi, during the wedding she had attended in Dubai!


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Happy Birthday to my baby kuchhhuuu 💗 love you😘😘😘

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