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5 Hidden Symptoms of Depression!

Signs you should know about.

2. Low Energy and Constant Fatigue:

Do you have Low Energy? Fatigue? - new solutions! - Jaden Fox

Young people, generally tend to have fatigue only after a physically tiring day of work or activity. In case, you, or someone you know feel constantly tired, and do not seem to have the energy to do even the smallest of things, this could be because of depression. This sense of fatigue sometimes leads to people sleeping all the time, and not wanting to get out of their bed. Sometimes, this lack of energy may also lead to loss of appetite, as they may not feel like they even have the energy to eat. If sleep and appetite are affected, it is a may lead to a more serious condition. If a person is constantly low on energy, with no appropriate reason, it is better to take them to a psychologist.

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