5 Contestants We Wish Were In Bigg Boss Season 3!

Bigg Boss has always been about stirring controversies.

Bigg Boss in Tamil has been successfully running ever since day one. Yes, Kamal Haasan is definitely one of the reasons why the show is a hit but the concept is new to South and the contestants are quite popular. Oviya, a young actress who debuted in Kollywood through ‘Kalavaani’ was a part of the House for season 1 and she is now the masses’ hot favorite.

The second season also saw some drama from Aishwarya Dutta, Yashika, Mahat, Balaji and more. Most of them have even bagged many offers now.

The season 3 is hoped to be bigger than ever and the list of first few contestants are even out.

The release date of this season has been the most speculated and sources have confirmed that the launch date of this season would be June 15th.

Yes, we all do know that these contestants are also using this platform to get some good exposure. But, how good would it be if fans get to choose the contestants irrespective of the popularity? Would it not be great? Here are 5 contestants we wish were a part of the Bigg Boss season 3:

1. Gautami:



She is smart, she has a strong voice of opinions and honestly, she is brilliant at what she does. However, considering her history with the host, it would be interesting to see how this could go about.

2. Radha Ravi:



He is sexist, he is a huge misogynist and it would be fun to watch him get roasted by the viewers and Kamal for his baseless fights and arguments.

3. Vadivelu



Vadivelu might be politically inclined but considering the fact the first two seasons had a comedian as a contestant, we would be delighted to see what he has to say.

4. Simbu



When has STR not been a part of a controversy. His speeches, opinions and his view has always been debatable amidst the audience. He would have something to say to make the show more interesting for sure.

5. Vishal



Do we even need to explain why Vishal could be a potential contestant of Bigg Boss? Would you not wish to watch him create some good stir?

Tell us which celebrity would make for a good contestant for Bigg Boss 3?

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