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5 Best Ways To Pamper Your Hands And Feet!

Apart from those manicures!

For chapped hands



People with dry skin should take extra care of their hands as the skin tends to crack and split.

  • Use a more intensive moisture or an ointment as it seals moisture and protects the skin from further damage.
  • Treat your hands with a natural pack or mask every week.
  • Cover your hands when you go out in the sun.

Natural remedies

  • Coconut oil is a natural moisturiser that can be used regularly. Apart from that, home-made scrubs and masks can help you get soft hands.
  • Scrub your hands with a mixture of Bengal gram flour (besan), milk and fresh lemon juice. This can be followed once in a day.
  • Make a paste of banana with 2 tablespoons of honey added to it and apply it on your hands. Rinse it with normal water once dried. This can be followed once a week.

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