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4 Ways To De-Stress Yourself This Morning!

Wonderful ways to destress!

Stress is now a daily fixture in our frenetic life. But, before you hit the panic button, we give you ways to create your very own stress free zone. 

Stress can kill. But, if you can’t beat stress, you certainly can control it to a certain extent. We show you easy ways to deal effectively with stress while adding a few blissful moments of peace to your life.


Declutter your mind

The first step is to identify the source of stress. List down the points that are causing you stress: workplace issues, family matters or personal problems. Prioritize the tasks that need immediate handling, jot down jobs that need your attention but can be done later or can be delegated and rid your mind of the rest of the nagging worries. These inconsequential matters, if allowed to linger, will cause you needless stress.  

Indulge your senses

Experts advocate that positive sensory experiences relax the brain instantly. Bangalore based professional Ragini Menon believes in pampering the five senses to bring down the stress levels. “The aroma of home-made food or freshly baked bread, the smell of filter coffee, the scent of wet earth after a brief shower act as instant stimulants for my nose,” she says. An avid reader, she guarantees that a good book, along with being a visual feast, recharges the mind.“I spend hours in my neighbourhood library and local book store sifting through the latest bestsellers or eternal classicsto unwind after a hectic day.

Another method of relaxation she swears by is a stroll through Commercial Street, Bangalore’s shopping hub. Window shopping rejuvenates me completely. A look at the merchandise on display, where vibrant hues are juxtaposed with pastel shades with a hint of black and white in between, is enough to refresh my visual senses.Walking among the shoppers and observing them incognito gives me a great thrill. At night, before going to bed I listen to my favourite tunes on my I Pod and sleep like a log all night,” Ragini concludes. Indeed, music is ambrosia for thesenses. Listening to the right kind of melodies can act as a catharsis for the soul.

Chennai based homemaker Bindu avers, “There is nothing more refreshing than a morning walk in the local park to invigorate all your senses. Feel your skin glow with healthas your eyes and ears soak up Nature’s sights and sounds. Breathe in the fresh air and feel one with Nature. After the walk, have a cup of hot tea or refreshing tender coconut water to tingle the taste buds. Your de-stressing routine is complete. I have been following it for the past four decades and fully vouch for its miraculous effects on the mind and body.”  

Yoga has long been proven to be an effective way to beat tension. And, the good news is: Just fifteen minutes of your time is enough. A judicious combination of Suryanamaskar and Pranayam (deep breathing) relaxes the body from head to toe. Learn the correct technique under an able teacher and then de-stress at will.


Pet factor

Imagine a loyal friend who smothers you with unconditional love and makes you feel like royalty. Well, a pet does that and much more. In fact, animal lovers swear that having pets around them keeps their stress levels near zero. So, choose a pet keeping in mind your lifestyle needs and your personality and enjoy the bliss. As Milan Kundera says, To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace.”


Change of scene

Holidays don’t always mean elaborate and glamorous vacations. Even a weekend getaway is enough to break the monotony and recharge your senses. And if you are not the impulsive traveler and feel uneasy on making an unplanned trip then, fret not. Opt for a staycation. Switch off all gadgets and gizmos and reconnect with yourself.

The above-mentioned tips are great stress busters but perhaps the best piece of advice comes from legendary American actress Lily Tomlin. She says, “For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”


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