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4 Ways To Be Your Own Best Friend!

Sometimes the best company is your own company!

There comes a time in everybody’s life when friends migrate, move to a whole different city, country or continent, and the only way you can keep in touch with them is through video calls. That is if your schedules are in sync otherwise, good luck trying to speak as frequently as you used to. And when they move away, a void sets in, your social life takes a setback. It gets difficult to find another best friend who can replace them, with the whole moving on period resembling a lesser morbid version of a break-up. However, you can use this opportunity to get to know yourself better.

Here are a few pointers to become your own best friend, to have more “me time” and do whatever you used to do it with your friend but still have fun all by yourself.


Discover new restaurants

Here’s the thing, it’s not so simple to sit all by yourself at a restaurant and eat your meal without thinking if anybody from the crowd might wonder if you are lonely. While it might take some getting used to, you will discover how much fun it is to head to a cafe, with a book or notepad, and read and jot down notes while sipping a cup of hot chocolate. It might sound pretentious but once you get used to it, it’s hard to stop. And if you are in the mood to try good food sans the conversation, then head to restaurants that you probably have never been to and discover what the fuss is all about.



Go for plays, movies, and shows

Just because you don’t have company, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend the play you had been eyeing for a while. If a new play or movie is in town, take time out and go for it. Who needs company when you are heading to an event that ought to entertain you. And who knows, you might find more people hanging out all by themselves and still having a whale of a time.


Netflix away!

When all else fails, you’ll always have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and various other streaming platforms that offer you entertainment of all genres and keep your weekends occupied. If you are broke and have nothing planned for the weekend, it’s fun to binge watch on a TV show or movie and then discuss it on social media. If that pans out well, you might just be able to take the discussion to a face-to-face meeting and make new buddies that way!



Solo travel

There’s never a better time to try travelling all by yourself. You discover a whole new side, where you are solely depending on yourself and there’s a whole lot of things to do when you are the only person around. Head to a hill station you’ve never been to and dive into its beauty. Or go to a beach town and soak in the sun, work on a new tan. Or relish its local cuisine and learn more about its history and heritage.


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