4 Ways In Which Life At Home Has Become A Bigg Boss House!

Tell us what other similarities you could find!

We have all been wanting to have a break from our busy schedules for now and we have gotten it but in the most unfortunate way. As the country is rigorously fighting the spread of the deadly Corona Virus, the Government has ordered all of its citizens to stay at home and stay safe. As we are on the fifth day of the 21-day lock down, things are beginning to get a little unsettling. Kids are getting uncomfortable; adults are finding it hard to not step out of the house and the cleaning and cooking is starting to get a little exhaustive. Amidst all the negativity, we have thought of coming up with something which is hilariously an interesting read.

When we watched Bigg Boss, we had no idea why the contestants got overwhelmed about everything and were always on an emotional high. But, staying indoors, not being able to interact with new people and constantly being shut in a confined space is no piece of cake. We have found five similarities between the two:

The committees are for real



Okay, just when we thought that it made sense to have cooking and cleaning committees only for a larger group, we realised, nope not true. Even a four-member family could have it considering the amount of household chores left undone these days. Here’s a little tip, take up the cooking committee, it ends with cooking and just that. The cleaning committee and the vessel washing committee are so painful that eventually you would end up cleaning the floors with your tears and sweat. Anyway, committees are very useful and keeps everyone on their toes.

Emotions are so high, you do not require alcohol anymore



Okay, first of all, if you are married, your partner seems to be the most annoying of them all. This is due to the lack of other good-looking humans around you. You miss the eye-flirting and giving them a smirk and all that. Sigh, you could try it with your partner who is equally frustrated with your face too. But you could try! Liven up that romance or something, I don’t know as mine gives me a cold stare every time I walk into the room. He is on the cleaning committee, FYI.

Apart from that, since you do not interact with new people and look at similar faces 24/7, even when they do not do much, they tend to get on your nerves. That is how fights within the Bigg Boss house are provoked. Same person, similar conversations and ultimately, they tend to get on each other’s nerves.

New bonds are formed



You could always find groups within the Bigg Boss house. Although families these days are not as huge, bonds usually happen. You get to know more about those living with you, you might want to take a side and you get to understand them like never before. However, if you live in a joint family like I do, you have chances to find an Oviya, Abhirami and sometimes even a Snehan or a Gayathri inside a person or two. In my partner’s case, I have learned that he is a Vaiyapuri – still contemplating on that one.  Well, you never know.

You figure out new games



Albeit we don’t have a Gurunaadhar to execute games for us but we can always come up with new games on our own. Apart from board games, you could come up with fun indoor and terrace games for some change. It is always fun to come up with some challenge to activate our potato brains. Food, sleep, repeat seems to be our work description these days and skype calls are mostly night clothes and yawns. So, give yourself some fun brain games to keep you active and busy.

We hope you and your family are staying home and staying safe to fight against this deadly disease. It is our due responsibility to our surroundings and our country safe.

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