2019 Rewind: JFW’s Pick Of Top 5 Mollywood Films!

Malayalam films never fail to impress!

2019 has been an impressive year for films and as the year comes to an end, here are some of our favorite picks from the Malayalam film industry this year:




This film is the life story of an acid attack survivor Pallavi (Parvathy) who is career-driven. She is focused, she knows what she wants out of life from the very beginning and her foremost aim is to become a successful pilot. That begin said about her professional life, her personal life leaves her cramped for any kind of space. Her insecure, egomaniacal and controlling boyfriend is shown to be the reason. The story takes the issue of toxic relationships head-on and achieves an effect of awe, particularly at Parvathy, who can emote fires of passion just through her eyes. Tovino Thomas also makes a compelling show of talent, making this an eye-opener of a story.




Multi-starrers can meet with any kind of fate at the box office. In Virus, the striking cast works as its strength, with every actor working in tandem with the story and not attempting to outshine each other. Every character portrayed, therefore, feels convincing and their meaty roles are executed with perfection. Based on real incidents during the Nipah virus attack in Kozhikode and other districts in 2018, the film traces the story of the hard reality that follows the various stages of the epidemic outbreak. A special mention must be made of Kunchacko Boban, Sreenath, Parvathy and Tovino for their impeccable portrayal. Needless to say, a senior actress like Revathi, with her nuanced performance is one to remember for years to come.

Kumbalangi Nights



Yet another need-of-the-hour concept which lays emphasis on the truth that the so-called perfect man is not necessarily a good person. Four brothers who have no money or a proper place to live, also have a very strained relationship with one another. However, when they understand the importance of life and people, things take a beautiful turn. Fahadh Faasil may truly be the star of this film but so is the narration. The subtlety with which the societal norms were shattered through the narrative only goes to show how well-researched the director has been about this. Embracing imperfection as its core theme, this was an engaging watch in 2019.




Malayalam films like Ambili are one-of-a-kind love stories. Ambili is a quirky, fun man who spreads warmth wherever he goes. He is loved by the entire village but his one true love is his childhood friend Tina. The journey of Ambili is portrayed through innocence that oozes out positivity. It’s a genuinely feel-good movie which will in fact make you wonder if you could ever have a life like that. An endearing character at its hub, this story takes on a whole new perspective of love and acceptance.




The Malayalam film industry continued to deliver some grand successes this year as Jallikattu hit the screens. Just the immaculate packaging of the entire film as such will blow your mind. A buffalo escapes in the fear of being butchered. The butcher, his gang and his helper are on the lookout for the animal. The buffalo is then being chased by many villagers whose crops the animal destroyed. This is the gist of the rustic, honest film but the depth of every character is sure to leave you spellbound. The film’s symbolic reach portrays humans as the actual beasts.

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