10 Tear-Triggering Failed Romances in Films!

We dare you not to cry when going through this list!

They made us cry, they made us believe in eternal love! When it comes to movies, it is not always a ‘Happy Ending’! Come what may, they portrayed love on screen and taught us that it is important to experience the essence of love even if the couple involved did not get together at the end. From old to new here is the list of tear-triggering romances that failed in films yet passed in capturing our heart!

  1. 3

The cuteness of Dhanush and Shruti Haasan from school, college and later to marriage showed us the depth of characters and made us believe in true love. When the twist at the end revealed that Dhanush was no more and he had killed himself on the account of loving her too much made us cry knowing one person can love more than the other.

2. Mouna Ragam

Although it was a happy ending in the climax, the movie made us cry when the flirty and naughty pair of Revathy and Karthik were showed on screen in the first half. The scene when Revathy was waiting at the Registrar to get married and Karthik getting shot tugged at our hearts and filled our tissues with tears!

3. Raja Rani

Nobody could help crying when Nayanthara silently cried her heart out in the car with the father played by Sathyaraj cried with her. This was one romance that made us wonder can marriage really heal all wounds? In time it does.

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