10 Must- Watch Women-Led Series of 2023!

How many have you watched?

2023 has been an excellent year for women-centric television, with a plethora of shows that are not only entertaining but also thought-provoking and empowering. From the family entertainer- Kumari Shrimathi to the bone-chilling- Dahaad, a lot of shows have featured women front and center. Check out our list of the must-watch shows that came out in 2023, if you have watched a few, it’s time to Add-to-list the rest. Stories, about women, for women, and by women that streamed this year :

1. Kumari Shrimathi – Prime Video

Starring Nithya Menen as the central character, Kumari Shrimathi is one of the most underrated shows that released this year. It’s the story of a girl who is unmarried but is fighting a case against her uncle over ancestral property. It’s a 7 episode series that is set amidst the background of a small town. She goes on to open a bar in a town that is typically regressive in its thinking. It’s a series that balances the seriousness of the issues with a sprinkle of comedy and a heavy dose of reality. 

2. Sweet Karam Coffee – Prime Video

When a mother, daughter, and grandmother head out of their homes for a road trip, an adventure is guaranteed. This show made us laugh, cry, and ask tough questions to our family members. Lakshmi, Madhoo, and Santhy are the stars of their emotional roller coaster journey. 

3. Ayali – Zee 5:

The show is set in the 90s in the fictional village of Veerappannai. ABi Nakshatra is excellent as Tamizhselvi, a girl who has attained puberty but since her village doesn’t let girls post puberty to go to school, she and her mother hide the secret. Anumol and Abi as the mother-daughter duo are endearing and such a joy to watch. The series is as bold as it is funny, a must-watch from this year. 

4. Queen Charlotte – A Bridgerton Story – Netflix

The third installment in the Bridgerton series was the one that took us back further in time. A love story at the core of it, it followed the tumultuous love life of King George III and Queen Charlotte. There is royalty, love, passion, race, and even mental health that’s spoken about in the series. A series that is sure to give you the feels when you watch it. 

5.Scoop – Netflix

Another series headlined by a strong woman was Netflix’s Scoop starting Karishma Tanna as the journalise Jigna Vohra. Based on a true story, the series is an account of what happened to this journalist when she was accused of the murder of a colleague and of having ties with Chota Rajan from the underworld. It’s a must-watch for its raw portrayal of the character and to understand how women are treated when on the rise versus when on the fall. 

6.Dahaad – Netflix

Set in a rural area in Rajasthan., Dahaad is a story revolving around the murders of young girls in and around the area. Sonakshi Sinha plays a cop who is investigating the deaths while trying to navigate through sexism and casteism in the community. It’s a brilliant show layered with exceptional characters, each playing their part to perfection. More than the story, it’s the attention to detail that makes this series a must-watch and features on our list. 

7.Shadow & Bone – Netflix

This series is for all fantasy lovers. The show follows the life of Alina Starkov, a sun summoner who is considered to be a demigod in the country she lives in. Like always, when there is sun, there is darkness. An evil darkling who pretends to be a good guy changes her life and the country. How Alina and her other magic summoners help save the country and how they stop him from season 1. There is also a side story about three thieves called Six Crows, who have an even more interesting story than the main plot. Every magic user played their plot to perfection; the magic, the costumes, and the romance make one binge-watch the show.

8.Aarya Season 3 – Disney + Hotstar 

Sushmita Sen’s Aarya is on its third season now, it’s a crime-thriller where she plays a mafia don. A character that’s unlike her previous movie roles, Sushmita’s role in this show is as challenging as it is rewarding. You see a woman of beauty, elegance, and grace transform into this relentless and powerful character, kudos to her for pulling it off with such ease. 


9.The Crown Season 6 – Part 1- Netflix

The last and final season of The Crown is finally here but the makers are releasing it in parts of 2. The show takes you along the life of the royal family of England, starting off with the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s an up close and personal account of their lives. A mix of reality and fiction, the series takes you through decades of the family’s rule. The latest season follows the life of Princess Diana and Prince Charles leading up to the unfortunate demise of the princess. 

10.Made in Heaven Season 2- Prime Video

Driven by its women, whether it is the wedding planning company or the brides, the show stole our hearts with its portrayal and the agency it gave to them. Made in Heaven is a wedding planning company, that takes you through the various weddings they are doing in addition to following their personal lives. The series is committed to showing you that nothing is ever black or white, every personality, relationship, and even wedding, comes in shades of grey.


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