10 Emotional Kollywood Scenes You Can’t Watch Without Crying!

Keep a tissue box ready!

  • Uttama Villain:

Ramesh Aravind’s Uttama Villain deals with a wide range of themes and emotions. The film has entertaining and engaging bits, some of which also make us laugh out loud. But, when actor Manoranjan succumbs to his illness, and Uthaman lives on in the film within the film, a heart breaks a little. Manoranjan is one of the best-flawed characters Tamil Cinema has given us. He accepted his flaws and did his best to repent for his mistakes. So when he died, it really hurt and made us cry. 


  • Abhiyum Naanum:


The film is straightaway a story that deals with a father-daughter relationship. The movie has its fair share of quirky, funny and sentimental scenes. While many portions can trigger some feelings of sadness, the final climax where Raghuraman happily parts ways with Abhi, by doing their usual high-five brings out some happy tears from our eyes. A cute film, Radha Mohan’s Abhiyum Naanum is all you need to watch to feel wholehearted and warm with love.


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