10 Emotional Kollywood Scenes You Can’t Watch Without Crying!

Keep a tissue box ready!

  • Asuran:

Yet another film about caste and its problems, Vetrimaaran’s Asuran was a film with a deep message. When Sivasaami (Dhanush) and Pachaiyammal (Manju Warrier) lose their son Velmurugan in a casteist issue, it made us all cry no matter how much we tried to control it. The song, ‘Elluvaya Pookalaye’ in Saindhavi’s voice hit us hard with sentiment and loss. Again, when Mariyammal (Ammu Abhirami) also succumbs to the same casteist challenges in the village, the scene was extremely difficult to watch. Kudos to Dhanush’s acting to make us cry along with him. 


  • Virumaandi:

Virumaandi engaged in a different movie-making technique that was unexplored at the time of the release of the film. The Rashomon effect makes us listen to both Kothala Thevar’s (Pasupathy) and Virumaandi’s  (Kamal Haasan) sides of the story. We end up crying only when we listen to the latter’s perspective. All he wanted in life, was Annalakshmi (Abhirami), and he couldn’t get to live with her for more than a day. The scene where she is raped and commits suicide is quite disturbing and leaves us with a heavy heart. 

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