10 Emotional Kollywood Scenes You Can’t Watch Without Crying!

Keep a tissue box ready!

We generally go to the movies for entertainment and to blow some steam off our minds when have had a stressful week. Commercial movies have always worked in Kollywood because movie-buffs hit the theatres to have fun, rather than derive a social message from the film. However, there are some films that manage to make us feel warm and wholehearted through their emotional and sentimental sequences. Some films with social messages, and others with family bonding, or even love have made us tear up. Recounting all the times we felt good crying for an emotional scene, here are 10 emotional Kollywood scenes you can’t watch without a box of tissues!


  • Kannathil Muthamittal:

As a movie itself, Kannathil Muthamittal is an emotional roller-coaster. It deals with adoption and the Srilanka Eelam Tamil issue, both heavy and tough topics. But, even if we somehow manage to hold up our tears through the course of the film, the scene where Amudha (Keerthana) meets her biological mother Shyama (Nandita Das) is a very difficult scene to watch. Although adoption is not really a relatable subject to all, Mani Ratnam’s magic will at least make our eyes swell up with overwhelming emotions. 


  • Madarasapattinam:

It is said that “True Love will make you cry.” AL Vijay’s Madarasapattinam is one such story that genuinely makes you cry. The relationship between Parithi (Arya) and Duraiamma (Amy Jackson) is adorable and even funny at first. Her quest to find him after their separation also reminds us of a Titanic-like love story. But, when she reunites with him after death, as promised by him, that ending is very meaningful and is capable of making you teary. 

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