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Taapsee: Competition In Bollywood Is Extreme And Brutal

‘If you give one failure, they will kick you out.’

Taapsee might be a well established star in the South but she is still a beginner in Bollywood and she spoke at length about her experiences with the B-town in a recent interview. Taapsee said there so much of pressure to select the right film because of the cut-throat competition.


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‘There is a lot of stress when I select films. I can’t go wrong. I can’t go with even one per cent of doubt that the film might not work. I have to be absolutely sure about the film I am doing. That’s why I take longer to sign movies. It’s easy to get offers but it’s important to choose the right one.’ 

The actress made her Bollywood debut with David Dhawan’s 2013 comedy Chashme Baddoor followed by Akshay Kumar-starrer Baby, where she had a small but effective role.

‘I still get sleepless nights. That feeling of waiting for box office result is like a school report card, it never goes. The stress is there because if you give one failure, they will kick you out. It’s extremely competitive and the competition is brutal.’ 

When asked if star kids have the easy way, she said,

‘They (star kids) have easier way to start. But for us, that start itself is a little difficult. We have to prove ourselves film after film to reach a stable level then it becomes auto pilot. But before that we can’t afford a single failure.’ 

Taapsee will be seen next in the Amitabh Bachchan starrer, Pink. She said she feels that it will be her landmark film for her.

‘Pink is with Mr Bachchan and standing next to him and doing the film was an amazing experience. I think this film will be a landmark movie in my career. Pink was psychologically affecting me a lot as it was a stressful film to do. His (Amitabh Bachchan) patience is amazing. He rehearses for hours and I dont have the stamina to rehearse for so many hours.’ 


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