#WomanCrushWednesday: Dear Shruti Haasan, I have Never Been Your Fan But It Has Completely Changed For Me!

A letter to Shruti Haasan from a newborn fan!

Dear Shruti,

I am being brutally honest with you here. I never used to enjoy your roles in the films you had chosen to act. I did not find them unique; I did not find them enjoyable and I, at some point in time even agreed to those memes that outrightly said that there is no act in this actress. Although, I would find a spark in your eyes every time you enter your space in a film, I would still not prefer watching your roles because they just did not give me the jibe many women characters have given me when I watch certain films. I had added you to my “nepotism” category and made sure to not watch your films hereafter.

One fine day, a friend of mine insisted that I watch Devi. When I began watching the film, I witnessed the performance of many of my favourites like Neha Dhupia and Kajol from the film. I mean, they are for sure amazing. But it was a diverse experience for me, my eyes imprinted on you, Maya. The Maya that had big dreams locked in her eyes forever, the Maya that was bold, a fighter and the Maya who would do anything to support other women. You were a small but a crucial part of the film. The Maya that created a large impact on me and the Maya that changed the way I looked at you.

I decided that I must do some research on your roles beginning from your very first Bollywood film Luck up until now. I did not prefer the storyline of many films but man, can you act. You have it in you naturally. You have given every small and big role of yours a hundred percent. You were new to Kollywood but your performance in 7aum Arivu was noteworthy. I liked how you give your own spark to your roles no matter how meaty they were.

All of a sudden, I found myself going through your films. There you are giving it your best and there you are giving it your everything. Dear Shruti, you impressed me in no time through a very different perspective. When you beautifully and confidently reciprocated to those who body-shamed you behind a mask, when you gave it back to those who mocked your voice with your soulful music in different languages, it made me realise how true you are as an artist.

I urge you to take up more women-centric films or roles that give you roles like Maya because you deserve it. Writers must see you as that young lady who is willing to give each role of hers her very best. Shruti, go for more meaningful and motivating roles because now I am confident that you can pull it off effortlessly. Stand your ground on roles that make you shine and stand stout because I am certain that you can. The talent is inborn and it runs in your blood.

Today, I am a huge fan of your work, your spark but most importantly of the effort you take. Working hard is crucial and you prove that through your movies and your music. I hope to see you in more meaningful roles and films like Devi in the future.

Yours respectfully,

A new-born fan.



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