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Why Men And Women Dream Differently?

Dream Analysis!

Everybody dreams and we all have more than just one instance of a nightmare or an intense dream. Have you ever wondered, why dreams are different for men and women?

According to a study, the dream analysis varies for men and women! As opposed to men, not only do women have more nightmares, their nightmares are emotionally more intense.  Men dream of exciting and joyful things – said the researchers.

“Nightmares come from anxiety. The extent to which women are more prone to anxiety disorders than men may be an underlying reason for this,” Anne Cutler, a US-based psychoanalyst.

Could it be because women are more anxious personalities in general? The findings, however, pin point a common reason for nightmares in women, that being their partner cheating on them! Some of the other common dreams women face like teeth falling out, seeing spiders and being chased are stated as the most common nightmares among women!

Meanwhile, men are likely to dream about less emotionally intense subjects such as meeting a beautiful stranger, or flying or finding a pile of money.

According to the study by Anne Cutler, 24% of the women remember their dreams or nightmares better than the men.

Jennie Parker, a researcher from the University of West England said, “Women may be more fixated on their anxieties and may be more likely to remember dreams that focus on those anxieties.” This is just an excerpt from the study, a very interesting read and now you know how dreams vary!

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