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Why Does My Skin Bother You?

It shouldn’t, actually?

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The society is rather complicated. Either you give in to its eerie practices that will haunt you for life or you fight against it. Fighting against it is a bit of a problem, actually. The people it comprises of are these obstacles that are nearly impossible to jump over. Hence, you find other ways to come around them and be the woman that you are – a feminist.

There are a lot of women who frown away from the word “feminism” because while some feel it is not necessary, some are just worried about men calling them “feminazis”. It is alright to not adhere to a term yet follow it because, you, are a woman with a vision and despite everything you are facing, all you want to do is achieve a goal.

However, remember feminism is a beautiful term – a term that allows a housewife to be a happy housewife and a working woman to be a happy working woman without being judged for what they choose. If not for these women showing you and me the examples to fight, we wouldn’t have had the guts to get up, do the same and stand an example for our future generation.

Amidst reading inspiring¬†stories about women achievers in various fields, wearing what one likes is still a problem. Men staring at even a little skin and few women who ask those to cover up because the men are staring. But, why? Don’t we all as humans have the same neck, hand, legs, and stomach? That’s exactly what Ramya*, a working woman says. She had earlier put up a rather powerful post on social media that talked about dressing up at the workplace and it made absolute sense. This¬†story of her is an example of what is exactly wrong with the society of this country:

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