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Why Do Movie Sequels Always Focus Only On Retaining The Male Lead?

Logic never comes in place.

Written by Madhumitha Dhanasekaran.

Social Media and the Entertainment Industry has something in store for us every day, there is never a dull day, isn’t? However, there are days when we get super excited, like yesterday, after Thalaivar’s 2.0 making video was released in social media. The video is already hitting major views and is trending. The video was amazing.

One could see the enormous amount of work and time put by the entire crew of the movie, not just Rajni and Akshay, but the entire crew who is putting up sets at such large scales and technicians who are breaking their heads on the CGI works. It is very clear the movie is being made in a grand style like every other Shankar movie is. And we can’t wait for the movie to hit screens, but no matter what something seems to bother me. Something that I didn’t expect to happen in a Shankar’s sequel.

Where is Aishwarya Rai? Amy Jackson plays the female lead for 2.0, which is clearly the sequel to the 2010 blockbuster Endhiran that had Aishwarya Rai as the lead; in fact, she was the main reason why the movie had a story. However, for some reasons, the actress who is back for good post maternity is not part of the sequel. Though 2.0 is majorly the clash between Chitti ( the Robot Rajni) and Akshay who looks like a crow, we catch a glimpse of Thalaivar in Vaseegaran’s costume and make over. Therefore, that clearly means he is still there, so ash must be there too.

Am sure Shankar will give some explanation to it, or maybe even have Ash play a small cameo over Skype. The point is why we can’t make sequels with the same characters from the first movie, but still in an interesting and gripping way. Let’s take few examples.

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