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Why Do Movie Sequels Always Focus Only On Retaining The Male Lead?

Logic never comes in place.


We do have good examples like Chennai 28 II and Bahubali, which did justice to both the films under their name. Even though Chennai 28 II came after almost a decade the first film got released, it did an amazing job. Youngsters who were die-hard fans of Chennai 28 at the time of release are now actually dads with routine and kids to take care, lifestyle changed. The film gave this exactly and the audiences loved it.

It is high time our directors understood that they are amidst audience who get the chance to witness International work. Hollywood has franchises that are releasing their ninth and tenth films with a continuous storyline and same artists. The Marvel series, for example, has big names under their banner, artists who are well established in their own movies, yet they are committed to the series.

However, it is not just in the hands of the artists, the director decides at the end of the day if his film should make justice to the title it holds or not. When directors like Rajamouli and Venkat Prabhu can find the cast that would work, why not Shankar?

Why give an explanation when you can do justification?

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