What if Meghna writes to Suriya from the beyond?

This may be the reason for his moving on.

Suriya stands devastated, broken, and alone after his beloved and one true love, Meghna’s demise. He tries his best to forget her, move on but all his actions end in vain resulting in his thoughts again back to his days with her.  The pain is unbearable that he turns to drugs. That’s when Meghna pens a heartfelt letter to her first and last love Suriya to help him cope up and ease the pain of this eternal breakup.

My dearest Suriya,

How handsome you look up from here too? Just one small thing, where’s that beautiful smile of yours? I know things haven’t been going well as of now but I promise it will get better. I know and understand how hurtful life is right now. It is the same for me as well. Living here without you is painful, but it is even more hard seeing you and my family in pain, crying, and stalling your lives on my account. Please Suriya, don’t do this to yourself!

You are the most passionate and talented person I’ve seen.  You would do anything for love. You built a business from the ground just for the love of your Dad and Ma. You traveled across seas to see me and you found me with a shed of a clue. And now, you are going to better yourself for the love on me, yourself, and our love.

This current facade of you is not your true self Suriya. Please live as the beautiful and truest soul of a Suriya that I know and fell for. Rebuild your body, your career. Fall in love, get married. And never forget to run towards your goal and passion. Also, please don’t stop singing. Your songs are my everyday lullabies.

Make me look down with hope, love, and most of all your happy face.  Also, worry not! I am very happy with our memories and time together. Am always by your side.

With love,


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