WATCH: This is How Rashmika Mandanna Trained For her role in Dear Comrade!

In her JFW cover story interview Rashmika Mandanna opened up about a film that was closest to her heart. This is one of the reasons that the Oscar-nominated Dear Comrade remains close to Rashmika’s heart. She played the role of a star cricketer, for which she had to train four months before the shooting even began.

Recently the actress took to instagram to post an emotional note in relation to the movie along with a video of how much she had to train to ace her role as a cricketer. “Dear Comrade✨ being a woman..Being a fighter..Being real..Fight for what you love..♥️ Taking you through my journey of me from not knowing how to hold a cricket bat to having a kickass front-drive posture (at least )Trust me when I say this.. anything….ANYTHING is possible if you make up your mind.. it’ll take time but it’s possible.. you’ll get there.. just practice, have patience and a little bit of faith in yourself.. 😉
Sending you guys power and love in a package” She wrote.



“From the script narration, to moulding myself  mentally and physically, into the role of the tough cricketer, I was very involved in the movie. The output from all the training was only a two-minute scene; they could have edited or just put in a double or something like that. But the director came to me and said he wanted very specific behavior for this cricket-oriented character, and that it was important for me to know the game. The team would call me when they played matches. Dear Comrade is the first film that I gave in so much, physically, mentally, emotionally. They made me work harder, and that’s when I became a true part of the movie.” she said in JFW January interview.

Rashmika has always been a fitness enthusiast. She keeps her fans inspired by her workout posts and advises on clean eating. “I’ve been working out for years now..but the right way of training is something I started very recently and how it’s showing on my body just amazes me.. consistency and clean eating can do wonders!”  she wrote in her Instagram Reel video.


Born in the small town of Madikeri in Karnataka, Rashmika had simple upbringing. Her parents, not being ready to send their daughter to the big city, let her pursue her high school in Mysore, before moving to Bangalore to pursue her undergraduate degree in psychology, journalism and literature. Two weeks into college, one of Rashmika’s friends signed her name up for the Fresh Face Bangalore competition. As they say rest is history. On the professional front, Rashmika has Sultan her debut film in Kollywood alongside Karthi, Pogaru in Kannada and Pushpa in Telugu.

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