Vishwaroopam 2 Review: Was That An Episode Of ‘Bigg Boss’?!

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When Vishwaroopam released five years ago, it was clear that Wasim Ahmad Kashmiri’s (Kamal Haasan) enmity with Al Qaeda terrorist Omar (Rahul Bose) wasn’t finished. While fans rejoiced over that, the sequel, after a hiatus and various production hurdles later, released amid much fanfare. The sequel, however, does not necessarily focus on how Wasim pursues Omar again and exact revenge. More than being an espionage thriller, the focus is on the love blossoming again between the husband and wife – Wasim and Nirupama – with Omar’s story simply added at the backdrop for the sake of continuity.

The film picks up from where it left off five years ago, with added Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that Wasim suffers from. The plot shuttles between different timelines – from the OTA, then his stint in Al Qaeda, then the USA, and then India. If the last film showed Kathak dancer Vishwanathan’s transformation from an effeminate person into a badass spy, this film was all about Wasim, the RAW agent who would do anything for his nation.

But he barely gets to that, considering how the sequel is only about how Wasim tries to protect the ladies in his life and how he needs to still protect himself despite cheating death a hundred times in the past. If last time had the nation in mind, this time the fight is personal.

With the uncountable assassination attempts at this RAW agent, the film falls short of creating an impact. The lack of a tight script, the lazy writing, and the self-indulgent Kamal Haasan barely tie all strings together to make Vishwaroopam 2 mildly engaging. Andrea Jeremiah, who plays Ashmita Subramnium, plays a character who can kick butts and foil evil plans with her intelligence. But her character gets reduced to just another person whose job is to uplift Wasim’s character to greater heights. Pooja Kumar, however, walks away with a better-etched role but, not taut enough to make it a memorable one.

The dialogues, however, briefly salvage the otherwise flimsy storyline. Then again, some of the dialogues sound tailor-made for Bigg Boss, a reality show hosted by Haasan every week. With an organic line of events missing and a larger-than-life depiction of a middle-aged RAW agent who takes on men twice his size and twice the number, Vishwaroopam 2 could’ve have worked had they focused less on Wasim the character and paid more attention to the story happening around Wasim.

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