Vikram Vedha Movie Review: Vijay Sethupathi is an evil genius!

Watch it for the actor duo!

Directed by: Pushkar and Gayathri

Cast: Madhavan, Vijay Sethupathi, Shraddha Srinath, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Pushkar and Gayathri, the husband-wife director duo have earlier done movies like ‘Va Quarter Cutting’ where the script and the story are pretty much unusual based on a usual storyline. Their movies are predominantly entertaining while some are intriguing. The story of Vikram Vedha falls under the similar category. There isn’t a depth or intensity in the story but it is intriguing and keeps you glued to your seats. The story and script are written in a way that it plays a mind game with you. It makes you ponder over what the next move would be. You put yourself in a position where you are the one solving it. There is some strength that lies behind the rather usual gangster-police script that will make it worth the watch. Once the movie begins, it gets hard to decide, to come to a conclusion or judge between right and wrong – that is the essence that holds the movie together.

Madhavan plays the role of a stern, honest cop named Vikram who is married to Priya, a lawyer (Shraddha Srinath). His fellow policemen and Vikram have been given a mission to eradicate Vedha (Vijay Sethupathi), an underworld don and his gang. The twists and turns that come along the way is a maze, a puzzle that will be mind-boggling. Until the end, there is no way the mind game ends. It’s during the climax, all answers unfold and in fact it will be the audience that will be solving it along with the actors.

Another reason for this movie being different would be that it is particularly not right or wrong. The script doesn’t point its finger towards anyone as the antagonist or the protagonist, it is left to the viewers to decide. They could take home various ends from this movie and it will be quite satisfactory the ending.

The music is mediocre with ‘Vaanji’ and the theme track topping the charts among the others. The cinematography is in pace with the fast-moving script and the frames are decently set. What topped the entire movie is Vijay Sethupathi’s magnificence. He looks larger than life with his simple dialogues and looks. He represents the purity of acting like he always does through his other movies. Maybe the story is normal, maybe his role is normal, but what makes them all outstanding is his screen presence and his dialogue delivery. Madhavan as a cop is handsome and has done justice to his role, but he has been overshadowed by Sethupathi. Shraddha Srinath and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar have done justice to their short yet strong roles.

Overall, the film is a one time watch for the story but a multiple time watcher for Vijay Sethupathi’s acting and Madhavan’s handsomeness.

Verdict: Watch it for the actor duo.

Rating: 3


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