TRENDING: Vanitha Vijaykumar Reveals what Happened in Goa! Apologizes to Peter Paul’s Wife!

Vanitha got into a heated argument after drunk filmmaker misbehaved with her recently in Goa. Reportedly, she beat him up and has also thrown him out of her house. However, there is no official word regarding the same by the actress yet. Ravindar Chandrasekharan confirmed the news with a cryptic message on Facebook.

In a 45 minutes long video posted by a Tamil news Vanitha exposed that Peter Paul had a drinking problem. He was an alcoholic and has previously been admitted in the hospital due to this. It has also caused him heart attack once. Vanitha admitted him in the hospital and tried to reach out to his wife and son who did not respond. Once he was slightly recovered he again started drinking and smoking which according to his doctors are quite fatal to his health conditions.

This again repeated during their trip to Goa. She told in the video that Peter found out that his step brother was hospitalized and started drinking because of that.

disappeared after reaching Chennai. After the death of his brother, Paul had relapsed into alcoholism and has now refused to get back to her house. Later Vanitha has reached out with an apology to Elisabeth Helen telling that if she had hurt her in any way she is sorry for that and could now understand to a certain extent what she should have gone through with Peter’s alcoholism. Vanitha has shelled out lakhs and lakhs of money on Peter Paul’s health and recovery and now according to her video completely broke.

Vanitha now  in a long Twitter post has opened up about her marriage with Peter Paul. She exposed that they really are serious issues and she facing a lot of problems. However she is not ready to give up yet keeping in mind her children and family.

Read Vanitha’s Statement Draft

Vanitha’s statement reads “To those who think I broke a home..I made a home with someone who didn’t have a home and family for many years..he was in pain and so was I..we loved laughed and lived thru the worst times beginning from covid pandemic to the media circus which was purposely created around us. I believed nothing could break came a health scare where I was terrified and shattered that I was going to lose him 2 times within a was the worst pain and feeling.. I was so grateful to god to be able to bring him back home alive twice …especially this year” To Read the entire draft click here!

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