Throw Parties like a Pro

Play the perfect host!

Have a clean venue:

Stock up the bathroom with extra toilet paper and make sure every room looks presentable. Have the dishes all clean and ready to eat off of. Plan the seating, especially if the dance floor is part of the plan. Causalities are the last things you want on your shoulders!

If you are hosting a big party, remove all delicate or breakable items in advance to avoid costly mishaps.

If you want a ‘no entry room’, simply close the doors, and leave the rest of the doors open. This way intrusions and encroachments can be avoided.


Keep calm and mingle!

No matter what happens, keep up your poise. Whenever you feel panic mounting, take three deep breaths and a small sip from your beverage bar. Know that it is you who has requested the presence of these people in your home; make them feel it in your warmth towards them. Spend some time with each guest and make introductions wherever needed.


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