Throw Parties like a Pro

Play the perfect host!

Draw up an interesting playlist:

If there is a DJ on your guest list, assign him a corner with a table and let him take on the show. If you are at your own mercy, then ensure that you have a well-tempered playlist that will both keep your guests on their feet and also encourage conversation.


No harm having leftovers:

Make sure you have enough food for the entire party, especially if there is going to be alcohol. Dish out snacks to hold your guests over before the main courses are served. Don’t put out all the food at once. Fill up a few bowls, and then refill them as required. If you are cooking, give yourself ample time to prepare. Don’t tire yourself out. Plan your menu in advance and have a time frame set. Always cook more food than you think you’ll need. Excess food can always be repurposed the next day; the embarrassment of running short, however, is hard to live down.

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