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A clear horror thriller through and through, director Ashok weaves political intrigue, horror and thriller in this flick and this makes  ‘Bhaagamathie’ a little diverse from other films of similar genre.

A CBI officer goes after an imprisoned personal secretary of a politician who is quasi-God to his people but is actually corrupt. The lady CBI officer heading the case shifts the prisoner for interrogation to a dilapidated palace that is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a cruel queen, and … well, weird things take place.

Sanchala (Anushka) is an IAS officer, who is serving a sentence for the murder of her fiancé (Unni Mukundan). The government takes the assistance of CBI to expose Eshwar Prasad (Jayaram), a minister with a clean image, by extensive interrogation of Sanchala who is the secretary of the minister. CBI officer Vaishnavi Reddy (Asha Sharath) is roped in for this task, along with Assistant Commissioner of Police, Sampath (Murali Sharma). Is Sanchala really possessed by the spirit of Bhaagamathie? Is she schizophrenic, as the psychiatrist suggests?  Or, is she faking it? These are the hooks the writers seem to have pinned their hopes on.

Unexplained phenomena at the haunted palace ensue, making room for some creative curveballs which adds to the entertainment value of the film. However, the excessive loudness in the horror scenes constantly takes away from its suspense quotient. Camera movement in the film, particularly in its opening scenes, seems reminiscent of ‘Chandramukhi’.

It is Anushka Shetty who enjoys the lion’s share in this project. She justifies her role both as the prisoner locked up in a haunted house, as well as the IAS officer we see in the flashbacks. The supporting cast leaves a lot to be desired, as the comedy sequences are a disappointment and feel exhaustingly repetitive.

To the credit of director Ashok, some nail-biter scenes and elements of surprise do work their magic on the audience, but these are so few and far between, that they are easily forgotten.

Verdict:  A tighter plot would have sealed in more suspense.

Rating: 2.5

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