The Smallest Things Can Make Me Happy: Aditi Rao Hydari!

Aditi gets candid!

From her first appearance in the 2007 Tamil period-drama film Shringaram, she caught the fancy of movie lovers. And a few movies later, she graduated to being known as one of India’s most stylish. No wonder then that she is a regular show-stopper at fashion weeks and dazzles at do’s in custom made designer clothing. But there is a lot more to Aditi Rao Hydari than just her beauty and fashion sense. She has a profoundly philosophical streak and at the same time, she can be finicky and nitpicky. And she revels in ‘normal’ moments, being with family, hanging out with friends, just as much as she cherishes being under the arc lights.

Whether it was her powerful dual role as Madhura and Varshini in Sringaram, her sweet cameo as Rama bua in Delhi 6 or her portrayal of a bold journalist in Rockstar, Aditi Rao Hydari has always won appreciation for her acting, irrespective of whether her films hit the box office bull’s eye or not. Aditi’s talent may have got her into the glamor world, but it is her quirky sense of humor and frank speaking that have earned her accolades. For an actor who has adorned the pages of the glossiest magazines, she proves that she is a beauty with brains.

aditi crying



“I have a temper which can manifest itself in big, fat tears!”

For someone who is so eloquent in movies, in real life Aditi finds it really hard to talk about herself constantly! She finds it tough to describe herself, to put herself in a set mold. “I find it hard to slot myself but if I have to put my traits in words, I would say I am gentle, trusting and loving, but I have a temper which can manifest itself in big, fat tears!” she says candidly.

Aditi confesses that though she has a quick temper, she is quick to smile as well. “The smallest things can make me happy, and I go into peals of laughter very easily. Those who know me say I am a bad meter for gauging humor, and my friends from the movie world comment that sometimes they want to plant me in the cinema hall on the weekend of their movie release, because they know I will giggle even when no one is laughing!”

She may feel limited for words while talking about herself in real life but she is perfectly at ease speaking about her real life. Ask her to describe herself as an actor and she explains how she comes alive in front of the camera. “Nothing can come between me and the camera. It is an epic romance and one that I believe will continue for a long time to come,” she says with passion.

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