Thala or Thalapathy?

Who scores best on the Romance equation?


Anushka Shetty – Thalapathy : 3 / Thala : 4

Vettaikaran absolutely rocked with Vijay, Anushka Jodi. She can equally match him at the dance steps and we were also rooting for them to get married on screen and having kids.

The mature look of Anushka with Ajith felt dull and faded. Romance was not highlighted and it was more of watching drab love stories that don’t have an exciting future.

Trisha  – Thalapathy : 4 / Thala : 4

We were hoping Trisha to even the score but it is a toughie! With so many movies done with Vijay, Thalapathy absolutely nails this one but Mankatha comes close. But do you remember? In the movie they actually don’t get together!

So there you have it, the score is a TIE!!!

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