Taapsee in a relationship with Arya?

The actress addresses the gossip here!

“They managed to link me only with Jammy (Arya) as he is the only unmarried one of the lot.”

Gossip mongers don’t leave any given chance to link co-stars. While some love stories did come true, some die once the movie is over. In any case, it’s no surprise that two good-looking stars are always linked together. In an exclusive interview taken for the Cover shoot, Taapsee addresses the rumours. Many of Taapsee’s co-stars are married and she laughs it off saying, “I have been linked with my co-stars but it’s giving rumour mills a hard time as most of my co-stars are married and they managed to link me only with Jammy(Arya) as he is one the only unmarried of the lot. It’s funny how colleagues are just linked without any proof.”

She adds, “Earlier my parents would read news and gossip columns about my affairs with my co-stars and as time went by they have accepted that it’s a part of my profession and I have told them not to believe in any unless they speak to me first.”

Check out the full video here:

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