Stop Glorifying Rape: Times When 80s And 90s Hit South Indian Movies Pampered Rape Culture!

Times are changing now!

Nimajjanam (1980)




This was a brilliant story, until it decided to make it all about how a rape victim must have sinned and should commit suicide! The movie won the National award for the Best Feature Film in Telugu and Sharada won it for Best Actress. Filmmaker B.S Narayana could not think of a better climax than to immerse the sinned rape victim in the holy Ganga to wash off her sins of being raped? Even writing about it makes us cringe. Why should a rape victim feel she’s the one who’s wrong and needs to be punished. We believe an important film as this one should have been written more responsibly.

Rikshavodu (1995)




No doubt this movie was one of the biggest hits of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s career. He had a dual role and gave a brilliant performance. However, to establish the rowdiness of the antagonists and to build up a future revenge story, director Kodi Ramakrishna decided to make a brutal rape scene the main twist of the story. Chiranjeevi’s sister is raped by the goons and hence there comes his future son (also Chiranjeevi) who takes a solid revenge. The rape victim is thrown out of the building and then burnt! We can’t write beyond this. How can you even write something this evil especially around a crime which has been India’s biggest problem for decades? It must have been quite obvious that in reality it’s a lot brutal and emotionally distressing. Why show it on the silver screen, only to push the drama further?


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