Sri Devi JukeBox: 10 Songs you Have to Hear, and Bawl your Grief out Now!

Listen to these now!

08. Kaatril, Enthan Geetham from Johnny

Sri Devi has been known as one of the few actresses to act at par with the two biggies of Kollywood that is Ulaganayagan and of course, Superstar Rajinikanth! In Johnny, she essayed the role of a singer trying to change the life of a gangster so well that in fact lot of people had doubts if she was herself singing the actual songs. This emotion-filled song makes us want to shut off from the world and look out the window when it rains!


07. Enthan Kannil from Guru

If you think frequent pairing in cinemas is not good, think again. Cinema couple, Kamal and Sri Devi were so good together that movie-makers in the 80s couldn’t stop making films with them over and over again. Which is no wonder, Guru was a light-hearted movie with a little of comedy and lot of action. This song in which an apparently drunk Sri Devi dances as Kamal struggles to placate her is hilarious as well and commendable.


06. Kanne Kalaimane from Moondram Pirai

If you can listen to this song without crying, you must be made of something else. One of the saddest climaxes ever made, this film was all about a platonic sort of love and the loss of innocence in adulthood. Sri Devi as the Amnesia stricken woman acting like a child resonated with many as the actress had been a child artiste from so young, People felt pity for the actress and wondered if she ever had all the joys of childhood. Working with the brilliant Kamal yet again, they restored some innocence in us!


05. Ninaivo Oru Paravai from Sigappu Rojakkal

Yet again a Kamal-Sri Devi starrer the movie was touted for its subtle crime-thriller storyline. Kamal as a serial killer and Sri Devi as his wife/next victim horrified many to the point where one would spend a sleepless night if they saw this movie alone in the dark. In an era of over-dramatized acting in Tamil films, Sigappu Rojakkal was one of the notable exceptions. The film completed a 175-day run at the box office. It won two Filmfare Awards in the Best Actor and Best Director categories. This duet is eerie and darkly romantic in its own way!

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