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Sleeping Late Will Make You Put On Weight, Says Study!

Hit the bed early!

Here’s a bad news to all the night owls! You are working out, eating fine but still aren’t losing weight; that could be because you’re sleeping late, says a study published in the the journal Sleep. The data was analysed after checking correlation and regression analyses which controls age, sex, sleep duration and sleep efficiency.

The study also reveals that any adult sleeping late and below 6.5 hours most likely has poor eating habits. It also links sleeplessness to low intake of dairy and vegetables. Kelly Glazer Baron from Northwestern University in the US said, “Our results help us further understand how sleep timing in addition to duration may affect obesity risk.”

Ms Baron added,”It is possible that poor dietary behaviours may predispose individuals with late sleep to increased risk of weight gain.”

The Researchers conducted the study on 96 healthy adults between the age group of 18-50 years who sleep for a minimum 6.5 hours. These adults were observed for 7 days and their food habits, sleeping pattern and intake of the amount of calories consumed were noted. Researchers said,” Body fat was evaluated using dual axis absorptiometry and Dim light melatonin onset was evaluated in the clinical research unit.”

The findings proved that sleeping late is responsible for higher fast food consumption and lower vegetable intake, especially among men, as well as people who do lesser physical activity.


(Inputs from Press Trust Of India)

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