Slay It with Your Lips

The colour for you!

Whether you’ve got thick lips, thin lips, or normal sized ones, there’s always a colour for you. All it takes
is some effort and a whole lot of trial-and-error to discover your lip shade. Read on to find out how to
make lipsticks your best friend:

– Thick lips are a blessing because your lipstick colour stands out. Depending on your skin tone,
you have the option to try lipsticks that will definitely get noticed. If you are fair-skinned, bright
ones look the best. Save your shyness for later and grab that pop orange shade this summer!

– Girls with thin lips often struggle to find their shade. If you put on a bright shade, some might
think you’re trying too hard. And when you put a light shade, it might end up looking thinner
than before! So instead of thinking too much, head to your nearest beauty shop and pick up that
perfect lip liner and liquid lipstick. Liquid lipsticks help making your lips look more wholesome. A
subtle shade like mauve or even mild pink can go a long way. And if you feel a little adventurous,
try out brown or olive green.

– Always try out the shade before buying it. Instead of applying the lipstick on your hand to check
the colour, it’s perfectly okay to try out the testers at the store. Sometimes, a lipstick colour
might look good on you when you are at the store but look the opposite the second you reach
home. To avoid that, ensure you try out your lipstick with good lighting. And if you are buying it
online, get a good look at the image (zoom well!), read customer reviews and post questions
about its finish, coverage, even its scent.

Finally, you can never have enough lipsticks! Try out all the shades you’ve been too shy to try
and pick up as many back-ups as you want. Girls’ night out and pouty selfies will never be the
same again!

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